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September News

Well, we always knew that this calving season was going to be a challenge, and it hasn’t disappointed. It’s enlightening to think back on other years, which were busy enough in themselves, that now appear to have been quite manageable,… Continue Reading →

August News

The results are in from our latest short interval TB test. We scored one inconclusive – from around 900 animals. This is hardly surprising, but nonetheless disheartening, confirmation that we will indeed be rearing over twice the usual amount of… Continue Reading →

July News

“The course of farm life never did run smooth”. This phrase (borrowed from Shakespeare and slightly adapted) sums up the season we currently find ourselves in. Across the board our plans are having to be constantly updated, adapted, put on… Continue Reading →

June News

It’s a wonderful time of year to be farming. We are surrounded by blue skies and luscious green fields. The grass is growing well, and is currently filling up our cows’ stomachs, and our silage clamp simultaneously. The farmyard and… Continue Reading →

May News

The extravaganza that was Rebekah Ford’s wedding has come and gone. The day went off very well, we witnessed precision timing in terms of weather (the downpour coming the very next day), and not-so-precise timing from the bridal party, which… Continue Reading →

April News

Last month’s anti-rain chant seems to have worked! No sooner had we written the last instalment, but the weather took note, and started cooperating. With the weather on side, we are now managing to “get on”, the farmer’s favourite pastime…. Continue Reading →

March Newsletter

  “Rain rain, go away, come again another day” – the theme song of the British farmer in early 2014. Each morning when we wake to hear the rain tapping on our windows, and the wind whistling around the house,… Continue Reading →

February 2014

We look ahead to 2014 with an air of determination, as we embark on the dance of the dairy farming year once more. As we begin to navigate this year there are many reasons for us to brace ourselves, and… Continue Reading →

January News

Welcome to 2014! We start this year encouraged by the hope of a more appealing milk price than we have known in many years. We are also pleased to note that the cows are milking far above prediction, though more… Continue Reading →

Christmas News

Much like everyone else, our days are very much shaped by this season. The winter is typified by chilly mornings, muddy days, and evenings cut short by early darkness. The average working day seems shorter, as most outdoor jobs need… Continue Reading →

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