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November News

As the landscape trades in its summer greens for reds and yellows, and we exchange our shorts and t-shirts for trousers and coats, so our roles change with this shift in season. The last of the heifers are now weaned,… Continue Reading →

October Newsletter

Our final heifer calf has been born, and calving as a whole is coming to a close. We haven’t lost a single heifer so far, whereas by this time last year we had lost quite a few heifers to an… Continue Reading →

September News

We’re over two thirds of the way through calving now, with 170 heifer calves on the ground, and just over 100 calves yet to be born, most of which will be beef. But while the end may be in sight… Continue Reading →

August News

If the calving season were a race, it would certainly be a marathon; it’s already pretty tough, and it won’t be over for a long time yet. Thankfully this year, like any good athlete, we’ve been in training, and we’re… Continue Reading →

July News

With only around half the herd in milk at the moment, we’re whizzing through the milkings, and good thing too with all the other jobs we’ve got going on. First cut silage came off well, though a little later than… Continue Reading →

June News

In a year when everything seems to be late, from the bluebells, to the horse chestnuts and in particular the maize drilling, then we have to have faith that “for everything there is a season, a time for every activity… Continue Reading →

May News

This has been a month of comings and goings. In March Matt and Liz travelled to Sweden for a wedding, but of course cows are never far from a farmer’s mind, be he home or away. While in Sweden Matt… Continue Reading →

April News

So, we did it, we took the plunge and let the cows out for the first time in early March. With all the staff and a few besides watching, enjoying the event almost as much as the frolicking cows themselves…. Continue Reading →

March News

This has been a month with its fair share of excitement, coming from all quarters, with some events more welcome than others. At the beginning of February the younger Fords readily accepted an offer of free tickets, from our feed… Continue Reading →

February News

In some ways our farm isn’t dissimilar from the stereotypical British farm. You know the ones you see on picture postcards? All rolling patchwork fields, old barns and ramshackle machinery. Our farm is pretty old school, and we can sometimes… Continue Reading →

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