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Vet Student Placements

We are currently taking bookings for vet students who need experience on dairy farms as part of their extra mural studies (EMS). We are taking students for two week placements from August through til October. The placements will be during… Continue Reading →

March News

It really does feel as if Spring has sprung already! The cows are out, the sun is out, but the jury is still out on the future of dairy farming, with even a hold in price from Arla seeming like… Continue Reading →

February News

During the relative quiet of the early months of the year, we have a chance to recognise and consider the ebb and flow of farm life. The milk price has had more of the ebb than the flow about it… Continue Reading →

December News

It’s beginning to feel a lot like winter. As soon as the maize harvest was finished, and the tractor drivers were able to take on some morning scraping shifts, we housed the cows full time. The cows have happily settled… Continue Reading →

November News

This month we are thankful. We have just had our annual TB test. Mercifully everything went clear for us this time, but having had inconclusive reactors in July last year, we’ve known the difficulty of being under restriction while beef… Continue Reading →

October News

There has been a tangible change in the season over these last few weeks with, the temperature dropping noticeably, and routine on the farm is following suit. The cows are being housed again at night, as grazing wasn’t delivering on… Continue Reading →

September News

There are times when the positives of the farming life seem to far outweigh the negatives; the freedom of the open-air office, the satisfaction of well-earned sleep after a physically tiring day, the advantages of owning, and really understanding, your… Continue Reading →

August News

We’ve moved our calving block back a month, so we’re not due to have calves on the ground until early August, but as usual we’ve had a few calve in early. The five dairy calves we’ve had so far, from… Continue Reading →

July News

Hello again! After several months of having our hands full caring for our new addition, we finally have enough hands-free time to do a little writing. Despite our silence over the last few months, life continues as usual at Lime… Continue Reading →

October News

As we come to the end of the calving season, and face yet another TB test, involving all of our constantly growing herd, the pace of life at the farm seems pretty relentless at the moment. We are also enjoying… Continue Reading →

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